The strat algo

The Strat is a Price action trading strategy based on the candle type patterns which was developed by @RobInTheBlack, Since it is based on price action it can be used to trade any asset class at any time frame you like including; Crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge… etc.), Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Futures and more!

Learning to Trade The Strat will give you an edge to make profitable trades, combined with The Strat Algo and advanced features being actively added frequently will make it easier to read the markets and trade it. Check Out The Strat Algo Tutorial on our Youtube Channel.

Learn more about The Strat Price action Trading Strategy history here


The Strat Algo Lite and The Strat Algo Pro are the only 2 Subscriptions we provide. The Strat Algo Lite have limited and basic features whereas Pro have all features. Both are supported and get updates to ensure speed and compatibility unlike Free outdated indictors you might find.

Access is granted and verified within 24 hours after validation of payment. If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please make sure that your payment was not rejected. if so, then you could find The Strat Algo by going on Tradingview Indicators > Invite-Only Scripts > The Strat Algo

Sometimes Tradingview charts are saved with an older version of The Strat Algo and you might need to remove then re-add it in order to reflect the most updated version.

We understand that situations change and that you sometimes would want to cancel the subscription. Please contact us using the contact us form in order to cancel your monthly subscription 15 days in advance of your billing cycle.

You don’t need any paid Tradingview account in order to use The Strat Algo, However if you want to add more than 3 indicators you might need to consult with Tradingview since you are allowed to run up to 3 indicators using the Free account.

Our Software product The Strat Algo is being utilized by top traders across stocks and crypto and is built to help you make more money and keep it, however this is Not a guarantee and we are not able to guarantee profit.

From time to time we do offer heavy discounts so be on the lookout for some of our amazing discounts by subscription to our list!

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