THE STRAT ALGO Lite – (Annual)

$10.00 / year with a 14-day free trial

  • Limited Features
  • Color coded Candle Types: (Inside, Outside, Directional)
  • Multiple Strat Patterns:
    • Direction Reversal
    • Bullish Reversal
    • Bullish Continuation
    • Bearish Reversal
    • Bearish Continuation
  • Daily High/Low Trendlines
  • Full TimeFrame Continuity
    • (No Inside/Outside Indicator)
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  • You Only Need the FREE Tradingview account to run the Indicator.
    • Using your FREE Tradingview account you can add up to 3 Indicators.


Inside Bar 1: Indicates an inside candle that was not able to break high/low of previous candle
Outside Bar 3: Indicates an outside candle that broke high/low of previous candle
Green Directional Bar 2: Indicates an upside green directional bar that broke high of previous candle
Red Directional Bar 2: Indicates an upside red directional bar that broke low of previous candle

Up green arrowBullish Reversal (i.e. Reversal to the bullish upside)
Green dotBullish Continuation (i.e. Continuation of the upside)

Down red arrowBearish Reversal (i.e. Reversal to the bearish downside)
Red dot: Bearish Continuation (i.e. Continuation of the downside)

Yellow R: Reversal Strat (i.e. Possible Reversal point to either point of Upside or Downside)

D Dotted Lines: Indicate High & Low trendlines of all previously Daily candlesticks


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